Web3 Investment Analyst Course
Tokenised Access to Web3 Education in Metaverse
A 12-week-long hands-on educational course delivered in metaverse that gives you insights and tools on how to select the right startups in the blockchain space.

We start cohort #4 on
30 January 2023
Insights of the course
  • 1
    Web3 VC
    Participants will receive practical experience in preparing analytics for a web3 VC fund. How to source deals and select the right projects.
  • 2
    Access to network of our partner VC funds and guests lectures with top industry names.
  • 3
    General Partners and top analysts from 3x Capital.
    100% online, with no geographical restrictions.
You will get
  • Vision
    How to identify the right startups
    in the crypto market
  • Skills
    Key skills and competencies
  • Mindset
    Exact steps how to analyze the project
  • Instruments
    Instruments and methodologies for making investment decisions 
  • Clear process
    Operational processes in crypto VC fund
Your trajectory
Educational course
12 weeks of "Web3 Investment Analyst Course" on how to analyze and select web3 startups
You may be selected for the internship.
This is where we start working together
Work at web3 VC or startup
You may end up working at 3x Capital or another web3 VC with the support of recruitment partners
Agenda of the course
Week 1
30Jan - 5 Feb
Week 1
30Jan - 5 Feb
Week 2
6 - 12 Feb
Week 2
6 - 12 Feb
Evaluation Process, Crypto Niches Discovery
Week 3
13 - 19 Feb
Week 3
13 - 19 Feb
Equity vs Token Investments, Valuations
Week 4
20- 26 Fev
Week 4
20- 26 Fev
Team Assessment
Week 5
27 Feb - 5 Mar
Week 5
27 Feb - 5 Mar
Market Assessment
Week 6
6- 12 Mar
Week 6
6- 12 Mar
Tokenomics, ROI & MC/FDV Metrics Calculation
Week 7
13 - 19 Mar
Week 7
13 - 19 Mar
Community Research
Week 8
20 - 26 Mar
Week 8
20 - 26 Mar
Backers Overview
Week 9-12
27 Mar - 23 Apr
Week 9-12
27 Mar - 23 Apr
Deal Sheets Preparation and Feedback
Course team
  • Ivan Maltsev, PhD
    General Partner at 3x Capital

    Ivan is a crypto portfolio manager with over five years of experience. He is also an investor and advisor in a number of blockchain projects. Ivan holds a PhD degree in International Economy.

  • Dima Foremny, LLM
    General Partner 3x Capital
    Dmytro headed a startup accelerator and an innovation hub. He helped over 100 early-stage startups to grow and attract funding. Wrote his first article about blockchain, and started investing in 2016.
  • Taras Yavorsky
    General Partner 3x Capital
    Taras is a serial entrepreneur, who invested in 30+ tokens and equity assets. He also has over five years of management experience in top-tier international companies.
  • Oksana Vodonos
    Educational Program Manager
    Went through Berkeley SkyDeck and Techstars accelerators, was a product manager for international markets in EdTech startup.
  • Petro Yanytskyi
    Senior Investment Analyst
    Petro is involved in investing in the technology sector and digital assets. He also has three years of data analysis experience.
  • Slavik Yarovikov
    Investment Analyst
    Viacheslav is a long term debate and Model UN player. He is a Web3.0 researcher since 2020.
Guest Speakers
  • Marine Popoff, MBA
    Co-founder of MC² ventures
    Marine is a founder of a web3 venture studio. Previously, she built investment portfolios for two VC funds and managed investor relations for a company that went public on NASDAQ.
  • Filip Tomaska
    Partner at Metrix Capital,
    Co-Founder at CEO of DinoX
    Filip has a successful background in sales and innovation, having launched 3 startups and helping 9 to secure VC funding.
    He's a Co-Founder and CEO of web3 startup DinoX and a Partner at the crypto VC Metrix Capital.
  • Emily Landon
    Founder of
    The Crypto Recruiters
    Emily is passionate about recruiting and crypto. She works tirelessly to re-humanize the recruitment experience and represent empowering and innovative companies.
  • Christoph Richter
    Partner at Newmoon accelerator
    Founder MC2.ventures, and Partner at Newmoon.ac - a web3 accelerator. 5 times founder (2 acquisitions), mentored 300+ startups
from previous cohorts
  • A few months of learning how to work for a real crypto investment VC is a fantastic opportunity for both newbies and experienced practitioners. The organization of the learning process allows enough freedom for those already engaged in some activity, leaving enough time for those who offer proactivity.

    Interning at 3xCapital is also a great networking option. I met a dozen real crypto enthusiasts who intend to become professionals in this field. The importance of such connections is difficult to overestimate. What then to say about direct communication with the founders? It rocks! Ivan Maltsev, Dmytro Foremniy, and Taras Yavorskyy know what they are talking about.
    Legal Advisor @Digital Lawyers
  • I have been involved in the crypto space and working since 2020, and have been deeply involved with working with my own startup. When we needed to pull the plug for my startup in December of 2021, I was trying to figure out where I see myself in the crypto space to develop and grow the most. As it was not the easiest thing and feeling to deal with that, your startup failed. I choose persistence.

    I started my internship in April 2021, which lasted for three months. For me, the most important things I learned were how the analysis of each startup happens and the insight into how each startup is processed, and what are the most important points and keys to a successful project.

    One of the most exciting parts of the experience was also meeting talented individuals from the 3x Capital team and getting a chance to work together, the fact that also mentors helped us to grow along the way. Would like to say thank you to Dmytro Foremnyi and the rest of the 3x capital team!

    Definitely, working together with everyone is one of the greatest experiences for me so far!
    Venture Associate @ReachX
  • I discovered crypto for myself in late 2019.

    At the beginning of March 2022, I started this Internship with a couple of other interns. During these months of studying, we’ve learned about every aspect of the investment process in crypto start-ups, from the very beginning of analyzing to the actual deal signing. Also, we met wonderful and talented people here, who are ready to become your mentors and help you with your studying process using a personal approach for everyone.

    Since the end of the course, I’ve become a full-fledged member of the team as an Investment Analyst and Community Lead in the new department.
    Senior Analyst @3xCapital
  • I was researching crypto for several years before as a hobby with my desire and willingness to dive into it. However, at some point, I got stuck in my development, and I needed room for improvement. It wasn't simple to make new gains before I found an internship possibility in VC. The internship started at the end of March 2022 with final lessons in June.

    The main importance was the number of insights that I got. This gives another understanding of the market itself with all its pitfalls, which are closed to the masses. Another great thing is a 3xCapital team. Especially mentors supporting you and sharing their experiences and cases. Special thanks to Ivan Maltsev, who helps me in my growth!

    I recommend this program to everyone who wants to gain more experience and knowledge of crypto.
    Analyst @3xCapital
NFT passes
Web3x Guild Pass

1 500 USDT

You'll receive an NFT that gives access to:

– Capital's Auditorium in the metaverse;

– 8 lectures on the abovementioned topics;

– 4 lectures with guest speakers;

– recordings of all lectures;

– Notion page with weekly practical tasks;

– materials to boost your professional brand;

– closed community on Telegram & LinkedIn;

– curated external educational materials from MIT, EDHEC, Wharton, and Princeton.

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Web3x Squad Pass

2 900 USDT

You'll receive an NFT that gives access to:

everything in the Web3x Guild Pass +

– 10 mentorship sessions on course topics and professional development;

– individual feedback on weekly tasks;

– peer-to-peer learning sessions;

– 4 weeks of an internship program;

– close work with the General Partners.

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