Program for Analysts
in Crypto VC
We provide a gateway into the world of crypto startups analytics
A 12-weeklong hands-on course delivered in Metaverse that gives you insights and tools on how to select the right projects in the crypto space
Insights of the course
Crypto VC
Participants will receive practical experience in preparing analytics for a crypto VC fund. How to source deals and select the right projects.
Access to network of our partner VC funds and guests lectures with top industry names.
General Partners and top analysts from 3xcapital.
100% online, with no geographical restrictions.
What you'll get out of it
How to identify the right investment opportunity in the crypto market
Key skills and competencies you will gain
Exact steps how to analyze the project
Instruments and methodologies for making investment decisions 
Clear process
Operational processes in crypto VC fund
Agenda of the course
Week 1
Week 1
Week 2
Week 2
Evaluation process
Week 3
Week 3
Crypto niches discovery
Week 4
Week 4
Team evaluation
Week 5
Week 5
Market assessment
Week 6
Week 6
Tokenomics overview
Week 7
Week 7
ROI & MC/FDV metrics calculations
Week 8
Week 8
Community research
Week 9
Week 9
Backers overview
Week 10
Week 10
Roadmap review
Week 11-12
Week 11-12
Deal sheets preparation and feedback
The course will be delivered by the team of experts,
including General Partners of 3x Capital
General Partner

Ivan is a crypto portfolio manager with over five years of experience. He is also an investor and advisor in a number of blockchain projects. Ivan holds a PhD degree in International Economy.

General Partner
Dmytro headed a startup accelerator and an innovation hub. He helped over 100 early-stage startups to grow and attract funding. Wrote his first article about blockchain, and started investing in 2016.
General Partner
Taras is a serial entrepreneur, who invested in 30+ tokens and equity assets. He also has over five years of management experience in top-tier international companies.
What I will be doing during the program?
You will learn how to analyze startups, source the deals and use various tools for due diligence. You will work closely with the General Partners, Investment Analysts and will assist with the appraisal of potential investment opportunities. The Investment Analyst (Intern) work is highly diverse, and candidates will gain investing, financial and researching experience across a wide range of sectors in the crypto industry.

During the course, you will:
– analyze potential investment opportunities;
– carry out research and prepare background information;
– financial modeling and valuation;
– deal sourcing and updating pipeline information;
– business and operational analysis;
– assist the team with portfolio reporting and project-related work.

What is the educational approach?
We will be having a combination of lectures, group work, one-to-ones, hands-on tasks, and presentations of your research in the metaverse auditorium.

To be more specific, you will have:
– a lecture in the metaverse delivered by the fund's GPs and analysts every Monday, combined with presentations of your work or research;
– a group work with your peers during the week;
– a one-to-one mentoring session with the fund's GP at the end of the week;
Do I need a specific background to apply?
No specific background is needed for participation in the course.
How much is the course, how do I pay?
5 people will receive scholarships to cover the cost of education. It is a paid internship for other participants. The course is 1 900$, to be paid in stablecoins.

Please send a message to Venture and HR partner Andrzej Siedlecki via LinkedIn to apply
Can I get a job after the course?
The best participants will get a chance to get the position of Investment Analyst.
Will I get a certificate of completion?
Yes, every participant that will participate in at least 80% of sessions will receive a certificate of completion.
When will sessions occur?
Lectures will be held every Monday from 11 am to 12 noon CEST.

Additionally, weekly group work sessions and one-to-one meetings with mentors will be scheduled depending on the availability of the participants.
More questions?
If you have more questions about the course, feel free to contact Andrzej Siedlecki via LinkedIn