Our impact goal is
to help 100 000 fellow Ukrainians
who suffered from the russian invasion
3x Capital's impact
Here is how we support Ukraine
1. Donating to support children and families
We donate 10% of our profit to three well known charitable foundations - Unchain, Tabletochki, Care in Action.

They are focused on humanitarian needs.

Some thank you letters.
2 Supporting defenders
We're buying vehicles that save wounded soldiers, provide clothing, bulletproof vests, and other non-lethal everyday necessities.

Here is the video with one of the cars.
3. Charitable NFT collection
World's first #donate-to-earn
NFT collection. Each NFT gives you temporary access to a closed community of investors with opportunities to earn in the crypto space curated by our fund.
Please visit
4. Spreading the word, & engaging partners
We proactively speak to our partnering investors, launchpads, startups, and advisors to help them find the best way to support Ukrainians.
Our charitable partners
These are partners that we trust and support with donations
Unchain Fund

The blockchain charity fund “Unchain” helps Ukrainians affected by the war with food, clothes, medical services, protective equipment, and shelter.
It was supported by Vitalik Buterin and other key blockchain industry players with major contributions.

Tabletochki is the biggest charity helping children with cancer in Ukraine. During the war, the Foundation supports children's hospitals in Eastern Ukraine.
Care in Action (Turbota v dii)

The fund supports the most vulnerable categories of children with urgent relief, and general well-being, development of potential, and achievement of success in independent life.
Here is how you can join us in supporting Ukraine
Humanitarian aid
Support real people suffering from the war: families, children, refugees, medics.
Official state hotline numbers for providing humanitarian aid:
Calls from abroad or Ukraine: +380 44 237 00 02
Humanitarian aid account of the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine
(food, shelter, medicine, clothes and other help for refugees):
Find the bank transfer details for your appropriate currency here.
UNICEF Fund for supporting Ukrainian children:
Find the official details here.
Ministry of Health + Red Cross fund for assisting doctors:
Scroll down after the press statement, for the bank transfer details in the currency of your choice – here.
Ministry of Health Crypto Wallets for assisting doctors:
Find the official details here.
Donate to Ukraine’s defenders
Donate to Ukraine’s defenders. They’re fighting for peace not only in Ukraine but in all of Europe. Stand on the side of justice and freedom.
Note: you can find out the exchange rate for the Ukrainian Hryvnia (UAH) in the Google or Wise converters, simply choose your currency in the relevant field.
Go to the donation page>

Host Ukrainian refugees
Families, children, and refugees are seeking safe places of shelter around the world. You can save lives by providing a place to stay.
  • Find groups and global services that can help host refugees in your area/country (NGOs, local communities, etc).
  • If none exist in your area and you feel you can help – create your own Facebook groups and/or local initiatives!
  • Reach out to local authorities and inquire about organizing official refugee programs.
  • Contact your Ukranian friends and find out if they are heading to the borders and need help.
Become a medical volunteer
Every day more and more families and children need medical assistance due to Russian aggression. Soldiers need emergency medical aid. Ukrainian medics sorely need assistance both on the front lines and in the rear.
If you have medical experience – you can save lives!
– Fill out the form here: https://bit.ly/questionnaire_UA
– Full details from the Ministry of Health here.
Cover the news and write about Ukraine
If you are a journalist, you can help Ukraine by spreading the truth and providing media coverage. Help secure peace and save lives!
Contact for media requests/questions:
Oleg Nikolenko, Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, press@mfa.gov.uа
Here you can find a media kit with the official message box from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine (updated daily).
Read & share only verified news
Russia is conducting a propaganda & information war, reinforcing their bloody aggression with lies and fakes.

Please support the truth by trusting only official news sources.
You can find a list of verified sources here.