We are an investment
and advisory firm focusing
on seed-stage Web3 startups
Invest in seed-stage tokens & equity
Accelerate startups

Angel syndicate

Blockchain protocols
and other infrastructure layers in different business niches
Efficient, low cost, fair and inclusive financial systems
User-centric, consumer-facing decentralised business models
  • General Partner

    Ivan is a professional portfolio manager with over seven years of experience. He is also an angel investor and advisor in many blockchain projects. Ivan holds a Ph.D. degree in International Economy.

  • General Partner
    Dmytro headed a startup accelerator and an innovation hub. He helped over 100 early-stage startups to grow and attract funding. Wrote his first article about blockchain and its legal aspects in 2016.
  • General Partner
    Taras is a serial entrepreneur, and active investor in the area of blockchain companies, and digital assets. He also has over five years of management experience in top-tier international companies.
  • Entrepreneur In Residence
    Micah is a exited startup founder, product engineer and investor. He was previously a CEO of Centiment Capital, an NYC-based Venture Studio and Fund. Micah also founded, led and got acquired a Neurodata AI Company, and AI-driven film technology startup.
  • Venture Partner
    Amine serves as a fund manager for Royal family offices in the Middle East. He worked for big 4s and a leading investment bank in Canada. He also co-founded a tech company and advises blockchain projects.
  • Venture Partner
    Marine is a founder of a web3 venture studio. Previously, she built investment portfolios for two VC funds and managed investor relations for a company that went public on NASDAQ.
  • Venture Partner
    Yulia is an investment professional with over 11 years of experience in asset management, corporate development, and strategy consulting both on the institutional investor and business side.

  • Venture Partner
    Richard has experience in sourcing, evaluating, structuring, and executing investments. He served as the lead U.S. M&A team member for a SGX-listed company, and also worked on behalf of several startups.
  • Advisor
    Kamesh is a senior executive for over two decades at global organisations, managing and growing large P&Ls. He is a Chief Growth Officer at a venture fund, where he provides leadership in strategy, fundraising, venture lab creation, and sourcing.
  • Venture Partner
    Adam has a 10 year background in crypto, having created one of the first ever ASIC-based Bitcoin Mining-as-a-Service companies in the US. Adam studied at Harvard and has a Finance/Computer Science background.
  • Senior Investment Analyst
    Petro is involved in investing in the technology sector and digital assets. He also has three years of data analysis experience.
  • Partnership Manager
    Went through Berkeley SkyDeck and Techstars accelerators, was a product manager for international markets in EdTech startup.
  • Investment Analyst
    Viacheslav is a long term debate and Model UN player. He is a Web3.0 researcher since 2020.
  • Associate
    Severyn is an alumnus of Ukrainian Leader Academy with 2 years of management experience. He is in the crypto space and a dedicated runner since 2020.

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