We invest in exceptional founders,
helping them succeed in the blockchain ecosystem

We invest in exceptional founders,
helping them succeed in
the blockchain ecosystem

“We unite
to multiply capital gains
in the blockchain industry”
Invest in seed-stage tokens & equity
Liquid tokens portfolio management

Blockchain validator

Blockchain protocols
and other infrastructure layers in different business niches
Efficient, low cost, fair and inclusive financial systems
User-centric, consumer-facing decentralised business models
  • General Partner

    Ivan is a crypto portfolio manager with over five years of experience. He is also an investor and advisor in a number of blockchain projects. Ivan holds a PhD degree in International Economy.

  • General Partner
    Dmytro headed a startup accelerator and an innovation hub. He helped over 100 early-stage startups to grow and attract funding. Wrote his first article about blockchain and its legal aspects in 2016.
  • General Partner
    Taras is a serial entrepreneur, and active investor in the area of blockchain companies, and digital assets. He also has over five years of management experience in top-tier international companies.
  • Partner
    Apoorva is an investor and a VC fund partner. He is a four times founder with three successful exits. He has experience as a CEO, CTO, CSO & General Partner in Web 3.0, Fintech, SaaS, and E-commerce.
  • Venture Partner
    Amine serves as a fund manager for Royal family offices in the Middle East. He worked for big 4s and a leading investment bank in Canada. He also co-founded a tech company and advises blockchain projects.
  • Venture Partner
    Marine is a founder of a web3 venture studio. Previously, she built investment portfolios for two VC funds and managed investor relations for a company that went public on NASDAQ.
  • Venture Partner
    Yulia is an investment professional with over 11 years of experience in asset management, corporate development, and strategy consulting both on the institutional investor and business side.

  • Venture Partner
    Richard has experience in sourcing, evaluating, structuring, and executing investments. He served as the lead U.S. M&A team member for a SGX-listed company, and also worked on behalf of several startups.
  • Advisor
    Kamesh is a senior executive for over two decades at global organisations, managing and growing large P&Ls. He is a Chief Growth Officer at a venture fund, where he provides leadership in strategy, fundraising, venture lab creation, and sourcing.
  • Venture Partner
    Adam has a 10 year background in crypto, having created one of the first ever ASIC-based Bitcoin Mining-as-a-Service companies in the US. Adam studied at Harvard and has a Finance/Computer Science background.
  • Venture & HR Partner
    Andrzej is an investor and entrepreneur in the traditional business (personnel & real estate) for the last 5 years.
  • Senior Investment Analyst,
    Community Lead
    Petro is involved in investing in the technology sector and digital assets. He also has three years of data analysis experience.
  • Partnership Manager
    Went through Berkeley SkyDeck and Techstars accelerators, was a product manager for international markets in EdTech startup.
  • Investment Analyst
    Viacheslav is a long term debate and Model UN player. He is a Web3.0 researcher since 2020.
  • Guild Manager
    Severyn is an alumnus of Ukrainian Leader Academy with 2 years of management experience. He is in the crypto space and a dedicated runner since 2020.

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