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Comprehensive 6-week program to learn proven frameworks, strategies, and tools for Web3 investments

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4-week Web3 education for future

Startup Founders

Investment Analysts

Angel Investors

You will learn to assess startups systematically, conduct due diligence, and make better investment decisions, with an emphasis on portfolio management. You then may join our 3x club and start work in Web3 industry.
We cover all aspects of due diligence, risk management and analytical documentation to help you make informed investment decisions and be ready to start work in Web3 industry.
We expose you to the VC's internal assessment criteria and procedures to help you fundraise and develop your startup.
• Equity-free acceleration
• Mentorship and startup advisory
• Practical learning experiences
• Support with fundraising & scaling
• Comprehensive industry overview
• Startup evaluation expertise
• Access to exclusive deals
• Insights and networking

• Dive deep into Web3 analytics
• Understand the transition from Web2 to Web3
• Master due diligence process
• Get real-world experience

Program curriculum
0. Intro to Evaluation Processes
Understand venture capitalists' intricate steps and methodologies to assess potential Web3 startups and their long-term viability.
1. Equity/Token Investments & Valuations
Dive into the diverse range of Web3 investment vehicles and learn the art of valuing decentralized projects in the ever-evolving digital landscape.
2. Deal Memo Preparation
Master the process of crafting a compelling deal memo, a crucial document that outlines the rationale behind Web3 VC investment decisions.
3. Market Assessment
Grasp the techniques for evaluating the potential of Web3 markets, identifying trends, and predicting the future trajectory of decentralized sectors.
4. Tokenomics Discovery
Delve into the world of token economics, understanding how Web3 projects design their tokens to incentivize behaviors, distribute value, and ensure sustainability.
5. Community & Team
Recognize the power of a strong community and team in the Web3 space, and discover methods to evaluate growth, strength, expertise, and vision
6. Backers Overview
Gain insights into the key players and backers in the Web3 VC arena, understanding their strategies, focus areas, and influence on the decentralized investment landscape.
Bonus Lecture 1:
AI's Role in Web3 VC
Explore how artificial intelligence tools help Web3 VC by providing data-driven insights, predictive analytics, and automating due diligence processes for more informed investment choices.
Bonus Lecture 2:
Legal Aspects
Become aware of the legal aspects of investing in seed-stage Web3 startups from a top law firm.
Lecturers and mentors
  • General Partner, 3x Capital

    Ivan is a professional portfolio manager with over seven years of experience. He is also an angel investor and advisor in many blockchain projects. Ivan holds a Ph.D. degree in International Economy.

  • General Partner, 3x Capital

    Dmytro headed a startup accelerator and an innovation hub. He helped over 100 early-stage startups to grow and attract funding. Wrote his first article about blockchain, and started investing in 2016.

  • General Partner, 3x Capital

    Taras is a serial entrepreneur. He invested in 30+ early-stage startups' tokens and equity. Taras also has over five years of management experience in top-tier international companies.

  • Senior Analyst, 3x Capital

    Petro is involved in investing in the technology sector and digital assets. He also has three years of data analysis experience.

  • 110+
  • 500+
    Hours in metaverse
  • 6
    Cohorts organised
Features / Passes
Lecture recordings (self-paced) of the ongoing Cohort 7 + community access
Live lectures: interact and ask your questions to speakers
Weekly P2P meetings: learn and discuss with fellows
3 months access to weekly market research meetings
NFT Certificate of Completion
Six 1:1 mentorship sessions + individual feedback on tasks
from previous cohorts
Writes about Web3 x Africa. Venture Capital & Startups | Blockchain & Crypto | Investor

Learned a great deal being part of the 5th Cohort of the 3x Education Web 3 Investor Program by 3x Capital.

Through the 10- week journey conducted on the Metaverse, I enjoyed the deep dives into tokenomics ,on-chain analytics, crypto niches, valuation, team and market assessment, fundraising, portfolio management amongst other things.

Over the next couple of weeks, I'll share what I learnt throughout the program, module by module, as my way of learning in public. Hopefully, you'll pick up a thing or two.

Thanks to the entire 3x Capital team from Oksana Vodonos, Ivan Maltsev, Taras Yavorskyy, Dima Foremnyi 🇺🇦 and a special shout out to my mentor Petro Yanytskyi for all the insights.

I'd definitely recommend this program for anyone looking to understand Web 3 startup fundamentals or just generally curious about investing in Web 3. If you're interested , feel free to reach out to me.

Product Manager at FreedomCode
Cohort 4 alumna, ex-intern at 3x Capital

The 3-month web 3 VC course I attended was a transformative experience. Through weekly lectures and workshops, I learned to identify investment opportunities and conducted thorough analyses of NFTs, DeFi, and L1/L2 market trends under the guidance of experienced GPs. The course equipped me with various evaluation instruments and methodologies, resulting in the creation of three comprehensive deal sheets.

Additionally, actively participating in the operational processes of a crypto VC fund gave me valuable industry insights. Now, armed with this knowledge, I'm successfully applying it to the blockchain startup I work at, attracting investors more easily and from higher-tier sources.

Senior Analyst at 3x Capital
Cohort 2 alumni

I discovered crypto for myself in late 2019.

At the beginning of March 2022, I started this Internship with a couple of other interns. During these months of studying, we’ve learned about every aspect of the investment process in crypto start-ups, from the very beginning of analyzing to the actual deal signing. Also, we met wonderful and talented people here, who are ready to become your mentors and help you with your studying process using a personal approach for everyone.

Since the end of the course, I’ve become a full-fledged member of the team as an Investment Analyst and Community Lead in the new department.

Digital Banking Analyst at Deloitte

The Web3 Investment Analyst Course served as a catalyst for my personal and professional growth. Each lecture was meticulously designed, ensuring that even complex concepts were explained with clarity and precision. What truly set this course apart was the hands-on nature of the learning experience. The tasks assigned throughout the course were akin to an internship, immersing students in real-world scenarios and challenges faced by Web3 startups.

From analyzing investment opportunities to conducting due diligence, these practical exercises enabled us to apply the knowledge gained in the lectures to actual investment decision-making processes.

Web3/NFT Research Analyst @ChromaWayChromaWay

First and foremost, I want to express my appreciation for the well-structured curriculum and the high-quality learning materials provided throughout the course. The content was comprehensive, up-to-date, and effectively conveyed the intricacies of the web3 ecosystem. The mix of theoretical knowledge and practical assignments allowed me to develop a strong foundation in web3 investment analysis and apply my learnings in real-world scenarios.

The course instructors and guest speakers brought industry knowledge and experience to the program. Their presentations and discussions were engaging and insightful, providing invaluable perspectives on the web3 space. The peer-to-peer sessions were also a fantastic opportunity to connect with like-minded professionals, exchange ideas, and learn from one another.

I am grateful for the opportunity to participate in the Web3 Investment Analyst course. The knowledge and skills I've acquired have significantly enhanced my understanding of the web3 space and prepared me for a successful career in this rapidly evolving industry. I highly recommend this program to anyone looking into web3 investment analysis.

Deputy Director of Innovation Holding "Sikorsky Challenge"

The Investment Analyst Course by 3x Capital has been an eye-opening journey, providing valuable insights into the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. As someone involved in startup projects and part of the All-Ukrainian Innovation Ecosystem, the course was essential for analyzing and incubating crypto projects.

Throughout the program, we delved into investment analysis for crypto startups, exploring fundraising processes and external funding. The passionate trainers and individualized mentorship made the experience truly enriching. I highly recommend joining the upcoming fifth cohort to gain practical knowledge in blockchain analytics and trending investment cases.

Legal Advisor at Digital Lawyers

A few months of learning how to work for a real crypto investment VC is a fantastic opportunity for both newbies and experienced practitioners. The organization of the learning process allows enough freedom for those already engaged in some activity, leaving enough time for those who offer proactivity.

Interning at 3xCapital is also a great networking option. I met a dozen real crypto enthusiasts who intend to become professionals in this field. The importance of such connections is difficult to overestimate. What then to say about direct communication with the founders? It rocks! Ivan Maltsev, Dmytro Foremniy, and Taras Yavorskyy know what they are talking about.

Venture Associate at ReachX
Cohort 3 alumna, ex-intern at 3x Capital

I have been involved in the crypto space and working since 2020, and have been deeply involved with working with my own startup. When we needed to pull the plug for my startup in December of 2021, I was trying to figure out where I see myself in the crypto space to develop and grow the most. As it was not the easiest thing and feeling to deal with that, your startup failed. I choose persistence.

I started my internship in April 2021, which lasted for three months. For me, the most important things I learned were how the analysis of each startup happens and the insight into how each startup is processed, and what are the most important points and keys to a successful project.

One of the most exciting parts of the experience was also meeting talented individuals from the 3x Capital team and getting a chance to work together, the fact that also mentors helped us to grow along the way. Would like to say thank you to Dmytro Foremnyi and the rest of the 3x capital team!

Definitely, working together with everyone is one of the greatest experiences for me so far!

Investment Analyst 3x Capital

Cohort 2 alumni

I was researching crypto for several years before as a hobby with my desire and willingness to dive into it. However, at some point, I got stuck in my development, and I needed room for improvement. It wasn't simple to make new gains before I found an internship possibility in VC. The internship started at the end of March 2022 with final lessons in June.

The main importance was the number of insights that I got. This gives another understanding of the market itself with all its pitfalls, which are closed to the masses. Another great thing is a 3xCapital team. Especially mentors supporting you and sharing their experiences and cases. Special thanks to Ivan Maltsev, who helps me in my growth!

I recommend this program to everyone who wants to gain more experience and knowledge of crypto.

Business Owner
Cohort 5 alumni, ex-intern at 3x Capital

I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for the Investment Analyst course and Internship programme from the 3x Capital Fund that I recently completed. I can say with confidence that I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

The course was well-structured and comprehensive, providing a detailed understanding of the investment landscape and its complexities. The lectures were engaging, and the instructors were knowledgeable and passionate about the subject matter, making it easy to stay engaged throughout the program.

Additionally, the internship component of the program was incredibly beneficial, allowing me to gain practical experience in a real-world investment setting. The opportunity to work alongside experienced professionals and learn from their expertise was invaluable, and it gave me a unique insight into the day-to-day operations of an investment fund.

Overall, I would highly recommend this program to anyone looking to develop their skills in the investment industry. The quality of the curriculum, the expertise of the instructors, and the practical experience gained through the internship make it a valuable and worthwhile investment in one's career.

Thank you again for the opportunity to participate in this fantastic program.

Program includes Metaverse events
Check our metaverse meetup recording to get the feeling of some sessions